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Hello!! I’m Myriam. Welcome to my Travel Photography page!

About me:

My name is Myriam Leforestier, I was born and raised in France. At 19 years old I left my dear Country to live in Spain then the USA. I don’t move around anywhere without a camera in my bag or pocket! I also have a photography business established in the Netherlands since 2005, realizing wedding and outdoor photoshoots. In my photo studio in the Netherlands, I capture smiles.

As an avid mostly solo traveler, I strive to create extraordinary memories of people, places, wildlife and cultures around the world. I am completely hit by wanderlust! Throughout the years, I have been using any free time available outside a regular corporate job to visit the wonderful world we live in, with my dear backpack full of patches. I absolutely love to travel, but I also love to return home. I go to places and/or countries I haven’t been to. Sometimes I do return to some of them, though… I have visited 91 countries so far!
In 2019 have proudly reached the Platinum level in the frequent flyer program of KLM/Air France (SkyTeam Alliance). I am always planning and looking forward to the next trip!

As the travel inspirations came from my Mother since I was a little child, I like to travel with her once per year to mostly a country where both of us haven’t been, we create memories together.

Travel and Photography are an evidence to me. I travel for my eyes and always back up my travels with photography, without filters nor presets. I bring you unique experiences in this world through my eyes with authentic photographs. Check out my world travel map ! I am sharing through pictures places I have visited, and as of now, kilometers of films and files need some sorting out 🙂 I am looking forward to sharing the wonderful and memorable places I have been to, the hidden gems I encountered, hoping it will inspire you to see the beautiful world we live in!


Check out also my National Geographic Profile !

Do you need photography services or visuals for your next marketing campain? Would you like to buy my images? or would you like to send me a message? please use the form below to contact me. I am currently available for bookings worldwide:

The camera is to the Photographer what the pen is to the Writer: a tool to express a vision ~ (c) Myriam Leforestier


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