World street litter bins collection

My world litter bins collection: gathering street trash cans captures around the world. Weird?

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So I’ve been traveling with a camera for as long as I can remember. Some 10-15 years ago, I randomly started taking pictures of litter bins in the streets. As I’m going through my pictures to pull out memorable and unique places I’ve been to in the 90+ countries I have visited so far (do see my travel map), I am gathering them onto this page and on a dedicated Instagram account @worldlitterbins

Yes, I photograph street trash cans. Why? well it started with the fact that some are really beautiful. But now I end up with a collection of them, and I thought it was not fair to just keep them for myself, so here they are! As I find more on my drives, I will add them to this post 🙂 I had lots of pictures on my phone, but as it got stolen in South Africa and I didn’t think they were important (?!?!) I didn’t back them up. Red flag!

Facts about the urban litter bins I have seen:

  • they are are often red, orange, or green. Those are eye catching colors and you have no excuse not to put your garbage in the bins!
  • green bins are often seen in parks or close to trees!
  • Some cities or even countries seem to pick a similar shape for their street litter bins!
  • some are really matching the aesthetics of the area, some even look like perfect camouflage!
  • some are really creative looking so you can’t really miss them!

Why wouldn’t litter bins deserve attention?

Please remember to put litter in its place and to travel responsibly! Leave nothing but footprints ?

You are welcome to add some to this worldwide collection of street litter bins, by sending me an email at: , I will add them on this page as I get the chance.
Please make sure to include: country, location, and your name/website if you wish to be referenced, and/or you can also tag #worldlitterbins on Instagram for a feature there.

Also, don’t forget to follow me on my regular Instagram account: @tolivetotravel 🙂

Also check out this trash art sculpture in Lisbon! here

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  1. Quite the collection. I dare say nothing quite like it. It would make a noteworthy coffee table book. It is likely we are what we trash. Unparalleled in human existence. (You have TRAVELED a lot.)

    • I still have quite some pictures to pull out from my archives … I keep on adding some as I tumble through them. I am happy I traveled every time I could because I am on on pause now (obviously). Now let’s hope I can resume next year. I am soooo not done ?

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